What does it mean to follow your heart?

Does it mean you do whatever you like? Your heart is more powerful than you think. Your heart can lead you to illumination.

Illumination, the goal of human development and the longing of every heart, is to manifest in one's body, mind, personality, and behavior the pure qualities of Love, Harmony, and Beauty, to explore the potentials of all being, and to accomplish the purpose for which you were created, becoming a fully-realized version of yourself.

This seminar is about illumination: what is it, why does it matter, how does it affect your life, and how do you get there; you'll get a clear, comprehensive map of the 9 steps of adult development which leads to illumination, as well as a sense of where you are on this map.

But this is about more than mere intellectual knowledge. You will also receive a direct spiritual transmission from Puran and Susanna, which will energize and awaken your mind, heart, and spirit; the seminar will also provide you with a set of tools that you'll be able to use on your own.

Here is a beautiful video showing one meditation from the seminar, where you learn to focus your meditation on a rose, in order to take on the qualities of a rose.


Tucson Feb. 18-20

Emporia Feb. 25-27

Austin March 18-20

Houston March 25-27

Dayton April 1-3

Chicago April 15-17

London May 6-8

Charlottesville June 10-12

Boulder July 1-3

Bakersfield Sept. 23-25

St Paul Oct. 7-9

The Nine Steps of the Path to Illumination

Mind Mastery

THE BEGINNING OF THE JOURNEY is the mastery of the mind, which you experience as Steps 1, 2, and 3 along the path of illumination. Here we explore being consciously willful, developing qualities of intention, focus, concentration, vision, consistency, and follow-through. In this section Puran and Susanna will give you help and support as you develop the power of mastery, learning:

  • The surprising power of intention, and an even more powerful tool
  • How to activate and use mind-mastery to achieve success in your job, relationship, and goals
  • Three simple tools of inner power that you can harness to retain focus through distractions
  • How to gain self-confidence from difficulty
  • How to interpret the signals of unexpected difficulties at the beginning of a chosen path
  • The three secrets which will allow you to concentrate
  • When to use the power of saying "Yes," and when to use the even greater power of saying "No."
  • How trust can be developed that leads to peace


Keeping a focus on your breath and heart through Heart Rhythm Meditation, a powerful way of training and energizing the mind through the power of your heart.

Heart Awakening

THE JOURNEY CONTINUES WITH Steps 4, 5, and 6: the awakening of the heart, the deeper part of your mind and the home of your emotion. This is an opening that reveals your ideal, the power of love, and the purpose of your life. Here is an experience you've had before which you long to have again, the aim of every seeker of truth: to have access to the beauty, passion, and power of love. Love creates a vision of an ideal world, a vision that you actually create from your heart. But every heart is incredibly sensitive and has been wounded many times. Fortunately, your heart has the ability to create its own medicine and heal its own wounds. Every heart is a part of the heart of humanity and so shares the collective courage and wisdom of every other heart. The self you discover as your heart is uncovered is beyond your expectations in its greatness. To know your heart-centered self is life-changing; to live as that person is to make your dream your reality. Puran and Susanna are masters of heart awakening, and they will give you an experience of your heart that will blow away the narrow confines of your mind. You'll learn:

  • The signs of the opening of the heart
  • How to heal the wounds of the heart with the heart's own medicine
  • How to make decisions that you can stand behind with confidence
  • How to achieve a greater level of success by connecting your heart's idealism to the power of your mind
  • The signal that you're feeling the heart of another instead of responding to your own projected hopes or fears
  • Sacred sounds that physically vibrate the centers of your body to inspire your mind and open your heart
  • What to hold on to when you are passing through the mystical state called "the dark night"


The healing practice for the heart's emotional and energetic wounds. The practice of Heart Rhythm Meditation to share the experience of another person's heart. The method of working with sacred vibration through sound. The practice for knowing your heart's desire.

Spirit Illumination

THE CONVICTION THAT WE ARE ALL UNITED in a comprehensive oneness comes when you can experience yourself as spirit. Every soul is unique, but behind every soul there is one spirit that divides itself like rays of one light. When we perceive spirit, we perceive our unity with every being and form. The Universal expresses Itself as every individual, and so every individual can find the Universal within. Access the consciousness of the planet in tune with the heart of humanity and feel the guidance of Life for your life's purpose. The realm of spirit can be visited, and in this seminar, Susanna and Puran will transport you there by the attraction of your spirit to the light of consciousness they produce. Then the goal of human development can be touched, and through the practices they will teach, can eventually be held, in Steps 7, 8, and 9. In this section of the seminar, you will learn:
  • How to call upon your intuition reliably
  • The sign of having forgiven and having been forgiven
  • The difference between "Enlightenment" and "Illumination".
  • The prerequisites to the experience of Unity
  • The greatest proclamation that any person can make
  • The signal of being in the Presence of pure spirit
  • The description of the nine-step path to illumination that is encoded in the 11-ring labyrinth
  • How human relationships can evolve through nine steps and become profound, transformative, spiritual practices


The great practice of all mystical paths: the remembrance of unity. We will draw upon ancient Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic practices, and modern humanist practices, using sacred sound, movement, and breath.

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